I'm collecting citations these days. Just found one to my Games Gems chapter on writing physics engines in Fyysinen mallinnus tietokonepeleissä by Jetro Lauha. Cool! My paper on AUV navigation using an ASE/ACE neural network controller is cited in An application of artificial neural networks for autonomous ship navigation through a channel. This Google Search turns up a number of fascinating articles similar to my article on hexapod locomotion through neural control. Looks like the Bridge Commander mod community likes the textures from my TOS E - they've found their way onto a number of ships. Somewhere there's mods of my McQuarrie mesh. Wish I had the link! Someone named Anduril has modeled the USS Minnow, and another ship of the same class named the Franklin. The attention to detail is amazing! The meshes can be downloaded and dropped into the game. USS Franklin Markyd has built my TOS Type 9 shuttle. I like the idea of having windows on the side - if I ever re-mesh this ship, I'll add them. daVinci Shuttle And a link on Bernd Schneider's canonical Ex Astris Scientia site. Someone liked Fusion Forth. Here's a link from Francis Tsai. The visual AI nomenclature developed in my Insect AI series of articles in AI Wisdom is referenced in Denis Kalkofen's diploma thesis, Simulation of Virtual Scenarios in Immersive Environments through the Fusion of Game AI and Virtual Reality. Here’s another example of someone using Insect AI. Dan Rutter has done a cool matte painting of a futuristic city. He's made use of some of my Kowloon photos as texture maps. Check it out here. I originally took these photos hoping I might be able to use them this way, now that Dan has posted his tutorial, I know how! My picture of a Kappa is used as an example of a monster referenced in the Harry Potter books on a website written in Thai.

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