More about Ubisoft Montreal

After his keynote at the Edinburg Interactive Festival, Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, let out more information on their approach to film/game convergence. He opines on the usual notions of asset sharing, but more significantly talks about having different products complement each other in different media, noting that a protaganist in a video game is often a character a player can project their own personality upon, whereas the protaganist in a film is generally intended to be well developed and compelling in his or her own right.

I hope Montreal Ubisoft CEO, Yannis Mallat saw our talk on film game convergence at Siggraph. Just as we suggest that many people feel that film/game convergence means asset sharing, when he talks about our convergence project, he suggests that many people think it means sharing technology. I hope that it's becoming more and more clear that technology and asset sharing are just the tip of the iceberg. It's equally important to improve your pipeline architecture, your production methods, evolve a joint nomenclature, and to create an environment where people trained in film or game disciplines can move between tasks and immediately feel comfortable with how to get around and become productive; and more importantly to be able to exercise their talents without barriers.


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