Game Builders

An amazing new trend of game builders, possibly as a consequence of Microsoft's release of XNA, or possibly as a thing whose time has come. I'm trying to work out what it means that there are suddenly so many. In the mean time, here's a small collection of them. July 2007: Earlier: These follow on the heels of monolithic single purpose engines and tool suites like
  • UnrealEd,
  • WorldCraft,
  • Hammer,
  • Farcry,
  • TheProdukkt, and
  • Renderware Studio,
and more traditional engines such as which present APIs to an engine which must be put together by a programmer. These can follow their lineage all the way back to such efforts as
  • Dark Basic,
  • The Incredible Machine,
  • mFactory, and the
  • Bill Budge Pinball Construction Set.
In parallel to this latest generation of tools are convergence technologies.
  • Collada,
  • XNA,
  • Shockwave/Apollo,
  • Silverlight,
  • FBX,
and a great many others besides. Where is this all heading?

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