Siggraph 2006 topic - education and recruitment

It seems that competition for employees is higher than I can ever remember it. I really started feeling that industry should work closer with educational institutions on curriculum, outreach, open houses, and so on, in order to start encouraging more people to consider careers in games, animation, and effects. Of course there is much in place already, such as the long running and productive collaboration between ILM and Standford, but I'd like to see even more. It would be beneficial for industry to reach out to educational institutions even more than we do to meet students at the beginnings of their studies. We could meet with them, explain why our industry is exciting and challenging to work in, and explain what kinds of skills and talents we're looking for. We could give ideas for research directions, and explain what sorts of research we are benefitting from, and what kind of research we'd love to see results in. We could also help review people's theses and provide feedback and encouragement. I was lucky enough to spend some time with some grad students at the show, and I think the conversations were good for both parties!

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