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2009 Summer
Volcanoes from Mt. Baker to Crater Lake

Amazing aircraft at Chino Airfield

Mono Lake

Kowloon, 1990

Point Reyes Lighthouse
Reference Photos for Artists

U.S.S. Enterprise
Reference Materials and Renders

Life and Character Drawing

Paintings, Drawings, and Renders

Creatures are everywhere


Lunar Lander

Star Trek Concept Art

Character Drawings and Renders

Toy Designs

Vehicle Designs

Flower Photo, 1990


Fractal Flame

Apollo 11 Painting

Ribbons at the Marin County Fair

Ballard Class Starship Concept

Japan Trip, 2008

Japan - Toba Monster

Osaka, 2008

BuddhaBrot Fractal Render

Bodie Stamp Mill

Sundew Macrophotograph

Devil's Postpile

Bodie Ghost Town Buildings

Artifacts at Bodie

Japanese Electric Spiders

Dancing Wu Li Frog Mandala

In The Garden

Self Portrait, 1982

Photographs with Atmospheric Effects

The Jungle in my Living Room

The Jungle in my Yard

Star Trek Type 9 Shuttle Concept

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