DIY Microphone wind muffler

Wind muffler Wind mufflers (sometimes called "dead cats") can be pretty pricey, and they're not available for every microphone. I got a good quality stereo mic for my digital recorder, and discovered I needed a muffler when some of my outdoor recordings picked up too much wind noise. I made my own muffler. The first one I made was much more elaborate and involved sewing. After some thought, I came up with a much simpler design that I thought I'd share here. At the craft store, I bought a rope of feathers intended for making feather boas, for a total cost of a few bucks. I blew it out and shook all the loose feathers free (it was pretty cheap), then carefully wound it around the microphone. I secured it with a girl's hair elastic and trimmed the extra boa material. It works great; recordings are clear, but if you are outdoors you don't pick up wind, and even if you blow directly on the mic wind noise is greatly reduced.

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