Progress in Digital Video

May 16, 2002, the release of Attack of the Clones marked the first feature film shot entirely on digital 24p high def.

I was lucky enough to see the set up for a model shoot on Utapau. The whole set up was custom; the camera surprisingly small in its handcrafted casing, with a cable as thick as a garden hose leading to a trolley piled with computers and hard drives ready to receive the data stream, and a huge tangle of cords leading from the trolley to the wall.

May 31, 2009, today; I was sitting on set casually downloading a few hundred gigs of 24p high def footage shot on a battery powered handheld camera onto P2 cards, a progress bar quickly filling up on the laptop as the transfer progressed; and I was utterly blown away at how far the technology has come in just a few short years; from a pioneering and challenging effort with a large and technical support infrastructure, to near ubiquity with off-the-shelf plug-and-shoot. Amazing, just amazing.


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