In the garden II

Sequel to In the Garden. This time it's all about some of the indoor plants, all these are carnivorous and trap prey either by pitfall, sticky tentacles, or gummy, gooey, leaves.


The giant Nepenthes I got last summer is even more giant now. The plant has doubled in size to over 130cm (4.5 ft). Here is the first new trap. It turns out that this plant is likely Nepenthes Miranda, a hybrid of obscure origin, but recently popular as someone has figured out how to efficiently propagate them. You can see part of my Natural History museum/Wunderkammer in the background - my wife's sculpture of a sea dragon, a sustainably collected butterfly, an AT-AT, and a first generation plaster cast of Archaeopterix Lithographica, pulled by a paleontologist friend from the original in Berlin.



Part of the jungle.



These are miniature Drosera, the spindly ones in the back are Scorpiades.



The Pinguicula farm. If you have a look at the earlier post, that large "octopus plant" has multiplied into ten plants filling the huge pot in the foreground. The plants in the background just got separated out from the pot in the white saucer on the right. How did they all cram in there? I am amazed at how shallow the roots are; these guys just sit on top of the soil more or less. In the terrarium you can see a ping pot my wife made for me with a nice ping sculpture on the side.

The bright blue ball is a polished fused ball of glass fibers.


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