Amazon Recommends

Amazon recommended The Force Unleashed to Tara. I went and had a peek at what games it had to recommend for me... Hmmm, an endless parade of Final Fantasy variations, Harvest Moon games, and Metal Gear Solid. How did that happen?! I'll have to seed the results a bit, and link what I want to see from here! Here's the X360 - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed And the PS3 - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Action figures, A light saber with spring loaded Sith spikes, Star Wars Force Unleashed Deluxe Lightsaber An amazingly cool Art Of book - it's the first time I've been mentioned in an Art Of book, I can hardly wait to get a copy! The art team on this game was simply amazing, the book is a blast. The Art and Making of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Star Wars) And last, but not least, a Lego Rogue Shadow: This game has the most awesome merchandising of any I've ever worked on. Lego!

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