The changing role of pre-viz

Dreamworks has started to move into the deeper waters of moving the pipeline into a more interactive space. In live action film, pre-viz is becoming more and more accepted as a tool throughout the creative process and for some productions, it is quickly taking over the role of storyboards. Pre-Viz is also powerful tool for problem solving and brainstorming. There are more and more instances of pre-viz shots being handed off to effects animation for finaling, although the practice is not yet common place.

In feature animation however, the role of pre-viz is still being defined. The tasks accomplished in pre-viz have traditionally been the domain of the layout department and storyboarders. Pre-viz has typically picked up from storyboards and been a means to generate early reels for hand off to animation. Dreamworks' D-viz concept is to use pre-visualization as a problem solving tool early in the production process, as an integration to the traditional layouts stage. They're calling it D-viz for design visualization. The idea is to move modeling, surfacing, lighting and blocked animation into the pre-visualization tool set so that the the creative process unfolds in an integrated virtual world.

It's very exciting watch these ideas and concepts become mainstream.

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